Activated charcoal 250mg 30 tabs


Acute poisoning of domestic, industrial and food origin; Acute drug poisoning, poisoning with alkaloids, heavy metal salts..

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Activated charcoal Indications

– flatulence

– dyspepsia

– excessive release of mucus and gastric juice

– to stop the processes of fermentation and putrefaction in the digestive tract


The use of charcoal activated with gastrointestinal ulcers, bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract, hypersensitivity is not recommended. In addition, the instructions for activated carbon indicate that you can not take the drug at the same time with medicines, the action of which begins after absorption.

Dosage & Adminstration

Take the drug inside, for 1-2 hours. Before meals or medications. On average, the daily dosage of the drug is 100-200 mg / kg, taking it in three divided doses.

Treatment lasts 3-14 days, after 14 days. It can be repeated.