Agvantar Levocarnitine oral solution 30ml


Primary (congenital) carnitine deficiency. Secondary carnitine deficiency. 

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Agvantar Levocarnitine oral solution 30ml 


– primary (congenital) insufficiency of carnitine;
– secondary insufficiency of carnitine;
– cardiomyopathy.


Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Dosage & Administration

Adults. The drug is prescribed in the initial dose of 1 g per day (5 ml), gradually increasing the dose, depending on the patient’s condition and tolerability. The usual dose of Agvantara for adults is 1-3 g (5-15 ml) per day, divided into 1-3 additions. The maximum daily dose for adults is 6 g (30 ml).

Children. Agvantar are prescribed starting from a dose of 50 mg / kg per day. The usual doses for children are 50-100 mg / kg per day.