Artichoke extract 100mg 60 caps


Hypotonic-hypokinetic biliary dyskinesia, chronic non-calculous cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis of various etiologies, chronic renal failure, chronic intoxication (hepatotoxic substances, nitro compounds, alkaloids, heavy metal salts), dyspeptic disorders (meteorism, epigastric pain) Free International Shipping

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Artichoke extract Indications

Biliary dyskinesia on hypotonic-hypokinetic type, chronic nekalkulezny cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis of different etiology, chronic renal failure, chronic intoxication (hepatotoxic substances, nitro compounds, alkaloids, salts of heavy metals), dyspepsia (severity of epigastric bloating, nausea, belching) .


Hypersensitivity to the drug; bile duct obstruction, cholelithiasis.

Acute hepatitis, liver failure.

Children under the age of 12 years (for a given dosage form of the drug).

Dosage & Administration

Artichoke extract assign adults and children over 12 years: 1 capsule 3 times a day for 15-30 minutes before eating.
Duration of treatment is 2-4 weeks.

The treatment can be repeated after a break of 1-2 months.
The dose and duration of the doctor is set individually depending on the severity of the disease!

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