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Topical treatment of corticosteroid-sensitive dermatoses such as chronic, erythematous, or hyperkeratotic psoriasis Free International Shipping

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Pharmacotherapeutic group:
Corticosteroids for dermatological use. Active corticosteroids in combination with other drugs. ATX code D07X C01.

active substance: betamethasone, salicylic acid;
1 g of ointment contains betamethasone dipropionate in terms of 100% substance 0.64 mg; salicylic acid in terms of 100% substance 30.0 mg;
excipients: mineral oil, white soft paraffin.

Indications for use:
Local treatment of dermatoses sensitive to corticosteroids, such as chronic, erythematous or hyperkeratotic psoriasis and other dermatoses of an erythematous-squamous nature, such as seborrheic dermatitis (eczema), dry eczema in the desquamative phase, lichenification.

The drug is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to active substances or to any other component of the drug.

Also, the drug is contraindicated in bacterial and viral infections, such as syphilitic and tuberculous skin lesions; with post-vaccination reactions, smallpox, chickenpox, herpes simplex, shingles, perioral dermatitis, perianal itching and itching of the genitals, widespread plaque psoriasis, varicose veins, diaper dermatitis, molluscum contagiosum, dermataceomycosis, infections.
Method of administration and dosage:
The ointment is applied in a thin layer to the affected area 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening, and allowed to penetrate into the skin, which is easily massaged at the same time. For some patients, a single daily application may be sufficient to achieve a satisfactory result.
The maximum daily dose should be gradually reduced to the lowest that controls symptoms.
There is no clinical data on the use of the drug in children, therefore it is undesirable to use it in patients of this age category.
Since the ratio of surface area to body weight in children is greater than in adults, they have a more active absorption of the drug. Therefore, children are more prone to the development of suppression of the function of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) system due to the use of corticosteroids and the development of exogenous effects of corticosteroids.
In children who received topical corticosteroids, adrenal suppression, Cushing’s syndrome, growth retardation, insufficient body weight gain, and increased intracranial pressure were noted.
Manifestations of suppression of the function of the adrenal cortex: a low level of cortisol in the blood plasma and a lack of response to a test with stimulation of the adrenal glands using adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) preparations. Increased intracranial pressure is manifested by protrusion of the fontanelle, headache, bilateral edema of the optic nerve head. Since corticosteroids can interfere with the production of growth hormones in children, the weight and height of pediatric patients should be monitored.
With prolonged or excessive use of local glucocorticosteroids, it is possible to suppress the pituitary-adrenal function with the development of secondary adrenal insufficiency and the appearance of symptoms of hypercortisolism, including Cushing’s disease. Overuse or prolonged use of topical salicylic acid medications can lead to symptoms of salicism. When using large doses of the drug, the keratolytic effect and allergic reactions may increase.
Treatment. Appropriate symptomatic therapy is prescribed. Symptoms of acute hypercortisolism are usually reversible. If necessary, the electrolyte balance is corrected. In the case of chronic toxic effects, a gradual withdrawal of corticosteroids is recommended. Treatment of salicism is symptomatic. Measures are taken to remove salicylates from the body more quickly. In case of overgrowth of resistant microorganisms, it is recommended to stop treatment with the drug and prescribe the necessary therapy. Sodium bicarbonate is used orally to alkalize urine and increase urine output.


Betamethasone dipropionate
Betamethasone dipropionate is a potent corticosteroid. When applied topically, it has a quick and long-term anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and vasoconstrictor effect. Local treatment with corticoids is not an etiotropic treatment; in case of termination of treatment, a relapse of the disease is possible.

Salicylic acid
Salicylic acid, due to its keratolytic and exfoliating properties, makes the lower layers of the skin more accessible to the action of betamethasone dipropionate and improves its absorption.


Shelf life:
3 years.

Storage conditions:
Store in a dark place and out of reach of children at a temperature not exceeding 25 ºС

Produced in Ukraine

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