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Treatment of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women with an increased risk of fractures.  Free International Shipping

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  1. Bonviva Indications

postmenopausal osteoporosis (fractures prevention).


Osteoporosis – recommended dose of Bonviva is one tablet of 150 mg 1 time per month. The tablet should be taken in the same day each month.

Bonviva should be taken 60 min before the first meal or drink (except water) per day or other oral medications or dietary supplements (including calcium).

Tablets should be swallowed whole, not chewed and washed down with a glass of plain water (180-240 ml), sitting or standing position. Patients should not lie down for 60 minutes after taking Bonviva.

Bonviva is only necessary to wash down with plain water. It should be noted that some mineral water may contain high concentrations of calcium and, therefore, their use is not recommended.

Patients should not chew or dissolve the drug because of the possibility of the formation of ulcers in the mucosa of the oropharynx.

Patients should be informed that in case of missing receiving monthly doses set for that day should be taken as soon as possible within 7 days. The next dose of the drug taken within a month. If more than 7 days from the date fixed for receiving the drug, it is necessary to skip the reception and take the next dose at the scheduled day. It should not take two tablets of 150 mg for 1 week.

Special dosing recommendations

Patients with hepatic insufficiency
No dose adjustment is required (see. Pharmacokinetics in special cases).

Patients with renal failure
No dose adjustment is required in patients with moderate renal impairment (creatinine clearance ≥30 ml / min). When creatinine clearance ≤30 mL / min to appoint Bonviva should be based on an individual assessment of risk / benefit ratio (see. Pharmacokinetics in special cases).


Hypersensitivity to ibandronic acid or any other component of the formulation. Uncorrected hypocalcemia.

The inability to be in the upright position (sitting or standing) for at least 60 minutes.

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