Capsicum tincture 50ml


Capsicum tincture is used as a local irritant and distracting agent for myalgia, neuralgia, lumbago, arthritis, rheumatism.  Free International Shipping

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Capsicum tincture 50ml

Local irritant and distraction means at myalgia, neuralgia, lumbago, arthritis, rheumatism.



Individual intolerance to any of the ingredients.

Safety measures in use. Avoid getting the drug in the eye. In case of contact with eyes should be thoroughly rinsed with plenty of running water. Do not apply the drug to the field of acute inflammation in the skin or damaged skin.


Dosage & Administration

Applied externally. Bitter rub the painful place 1-2 times a day to the appearance in them a feeling of warmth or mild stinging. To enhance the action of the drug is recommended to dry warming zakutuvannya painful places.

The duration of the drug depends on the degree of inflammation and sensitivity of the skin of the patient to the drug.