Cefotaxime powder injection 1g 10 vials


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Cefotaxim Indications
infections caused by microorganisms sensitive to the drug:

– respiratory infections (bronchitis, bacterial pneumonia, pleurisy, infected bronchiectasis, lung abscess);
– meningitis (except listerioznogo);
– septicemia;
– urinary tract infections, kidney (pyelonephritis, cystitis, asymptomatic bacteriuria);
– gynecological infections;
– infections of the skin, soft tissues, bones and joints, the abdominal cavity;
– acute uncomplicated gonorrhea.

In surgery the drug cefotaxime is used to reduce the risk of postoperative infections, especially in gastrointestinal organs operations and urological operations.


Prior to administration of the drug in the absence of contraindications is necessary to conduct a skin test tolerance.
Cefotaxime is introduced into / m or / in (bolus or infusion).

The route of administration, dosage and frequency depend on the severity of the infection, the sensitivity of pathogens and patient acceptance of the drug. Therapy is recommended to begin after determining the sensitivity of microorganisms to cefotaxime.


Hypersensitivity to cephalosporin drugs. Hypersensitivity to lidocaine (when used as solvent). V / m, the introduction of children under the age of 2.5 years.