Cinarix 55mg 60 tabs


For the treatment of dyspeptic disorders and flatulence, especially with functional disorders of the biliary system and after cholecystectomy. Adjunctive therapy in the treatment of lipid metabolism disorders. Supportive therapy in the general course of the treatment of hepatic disorders.  Free International Shipping

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Cinarix Indications

Diarrheal illness in functional disorders of the biliary system, biliary dyskinesia, chronic cholecystitis, postcholecystectomical syndrome, chronic hepatitis, chronic intoxication with hepatotoxic substances.


Hypersensitivity to one of the ingredients of the drug; stenosis of the biliary tract, suppuration (empyema) gall bladder, severe hepatic insufficiency.

Dosage & Administration

Internally adults and children over 12 years 1-2 tablets 3 times daily before or during meals.

Duration of treatment determined by the physician individually depending on the nature and course of the disease.

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