Clotrimazole ointment 25g


Clotrimazole ointment 25g
Remedy against fungal diseases, pityriasis versicolor, erythrasma, superficial candidiasis Free International Shipping    

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Clotrimazole ointment 25g

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Pharmacological group: Antifungal drugs for local applications. The derivatives of imidazole and triazole. Clotrimazole. ATX code D01A C01.

Active ingredient: Clotrimazole
1 g of ointment contains clotrimazole (in terms of 100% dry substance) 10 mg Auxiliary substances: propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol 400, proxanol 268, alcohol cetostearyl, polyethylene glycol Zetosteary ether.


Antifungal agent from the group of imidazole derivatives for external use. The mechanism of action of clotrimazole is to block the synthesis of nucleic acids, proteins and ergosterol in fungal cells, which leads to damage to the cell wall and death of fungal cells. It is active against pathogenic dermatophytes (Trichophyton spp., Epidermophyton floccosum, Microsporum spp.)

Yeast and mold fungi (Candida spp., Torulopsis spp., Genus Rhodotorula), pathogens of varicoloured lichen (Malassezia furfur) and erythro-positive microorganisms (CGM) spp., Streptococcus spp.). The drug has a fungistatic effect, and in relation to dermatophytes and fungi of the genus Candida, it has a fungicidal effect.

Fungal skin infections caused by dermatophytes, yeast, mold fungi and other pathogens sensitive to clotrimazole. Skin infections caused by Malassezia Furfur (multi-colored deprived) and Corynebacterium minutissimum (erytrazm).

Increased sensitivity to clotrimazole, cetostearyl alcohol or other components of the drug. Do not apply for the treatment of nails or infections of the scalp.

Method of administration and dosage:

Before applying ointments, it is necessary to pre-clean (using a soap with a neutral pH value) and thoroughly dry the affected areas of the skin; The feet should be washed with warm water with soap, ointment thoroughly rub, especially between your fingers.

The drug is applied with a thin layer 1-3 times a day on the affected skin and slightly rub, capturing a small area of ​​the skin around the lesion focus. One-time dose based on the surface area with a palm is a 5 mm long compound.

The duration of treatment is:
Dermatomikosis – 3-4 weeks;
Erytrazm – 2-4 weeks;
Multicolored deprived – 1-3 weeks.

If you missed the next application, you should apply the drug as soon as you remember about it, but it is better to skip the application if it is almost time for the next dose of the drug.

Depending on the nature and severity of the disease, the doctor may prescribe an individual dosage regimen and method of administration of the drug, as well as the duration of treatment.

For reliable removal of the pathogen and depending on the symptoms, treatment should be continued for about 2 weeks after the subjective symptoms disappear. The patient should consult a doctor for a second microbiological examination and correction of therapy if there is no clinical improvement 4 weeks after the start of treatment.

Application features:

The drug contains cetostearyl alcohol, which can lead to local skin reactions (for example, contact dermatitis), and propylene glycol, which can cause skin irritation.

In such cases, it is recommended to use other dosage forms of the drug that do not contain these components. The drug should not be used in ophthalmic practice. Contact of the drug with the eyes should be avoided. If this happens, rinse with plenty of water. Do not swallow the drug.

During the treatment period, it is not recommended to wear clothes and shoes, do not let air and moisture pass through. After applying the drug, do not cover the treated surface or apply an occlusive (airtight) dressing on it.

It is necessary to use the drug for the entire prescribed period of treatment, even if the acute symptoms of the disease disappeared earlier. Compliance with these recommendations will help prevent the development of reinfection. In case of irritation or other manifestations of hypersensitivity, the use of the drug should be discontinued.

Shelf life:
2 years.

Storage conditions:
Store in its original packaging at a temperature not exceeding 25 °C.

Produced in Ukraine

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