Cyclo 3 Fort 30 capsules


Symptomatic treatment of venous lymphatic insufficiency, Exacerbation of hemorrhoids.  Free International Shipping

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Cyclo 3 Fort Insications

– Symptomatic treatment of venous-lymphatic insufficiency (such as severity of symptoms in the legs, pain, tired legs syndrome).

– Chronic lymphatic insufficiency, including after injuries and surgeries, post mastectomy.

– Acyclic uterine bleeding caused by the use mikro dose prohestohennyh contraceptives or intrauterine drugs, after clinical and paraclinical examination of patients.

– Aggravation of hemorrhoids (treatment of functional symptoms).



Hypersensitivity to the drug, severe kidney disease.


Dosage & Administration

The drug is applied internally, regardless of the meal.

Capsules are swallowed whole and washed down with a glass of water.

Duration of treatment is determined by the disease and tolerability of the drug.

Usual dose for adults: 2-3 capsules per day.

Doses for patients with proctologic diseases: 4-5 capsules per day in the first 3 days, then – 2 capsules a day for 4 days.