Deksalgin Dexketoprofen 25mg 10 tabs


Symptomatic therapy for mild to moderate pain.

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DEXALGIN Indications

Mild to moderate intensity of pain on the part of the musculoskeletal system; dysmenorrhea; toothache.


Depending on the intensity of pain single dose of 12.5-25 mg every 8 hours. It is not recommended> 75 mg (3 tablets) per day. Dexalgin is not intended for long-term treatment.

The therapy of elderly patients with mild renal impairment, as well as mild or moderate hepatic impairment it is advisable to start with low doses (daily dose is 50 mg – 2 tablets). With good tolerance dose can be raised to normal.


Hypersensitivity to dexketoprofen trometamol, the individual components of the drug or other NSAIDs, erosive and ulcerative gastrointestinal disease, asthma, severe heart failure, severe liver dysfunction, moderate or severe renal dysfunction, hemorrhagic diathesis and other coagulopathies. Dexketoprofen can not be used in patients taking anticoagulants during pregnancy and lactation.