Dexketoprofen injection solution 5 ampl 2ml 50mg/2ml


Symptomatic treatment of acute pain of moderate to high intensity  Free International Shipping

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Symptomatic treatment of acute pain of medium and high intensity when oral administration of the drug inadvisable, such as post-operative pain, renal colic and pain in the lower back.


– Hypersensitivity to Dexketoprofen, any other NSAIDs (NSAIDs) or the excipients of the drug

– The drug is contraindicated if substances of similar actions, such as aspirin or other NSAIDs provoke the development of asthma attacks, bronchospasm, acute rhinitis, or cause nasal polyps development, the appearance of urticaria or angioedema

– The active phase of peptic ulcer or bleeding, suspected them recurrent ulcer bleeding or a history of (at least two confirmed facts ulceration or bleeding)

– Gastrointestinal bleeding, the other active bleeding or increased bleeding phase


Dosage & Administration

Adults. The recommended dose Dexketoprofen is 50 mg at intervals of 8-12 hours. If necessary, a second dose administered after 6 hours. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 150 mg. The drug is intended for short-term use, so it should be used only during the acute pain (no more than 2 days). Patients should be transferred to the use of oral analgesics as possible. Side effects can be reduced through the use of the least effective dose for the shortest possible time required for improvement. When postoperative pain moderate or severe severity of the drug can be used for indications in the same recommended doses in combination with opioid analgesics.

Elderly patients. Dose adjustment is not usually necessary. However, due to physiological decline of renal function is recommended lower dose, namely the maximum daily dose is 50 mg in mild kidney dysfunction.

Children. The drug should not be used due to lack of data on its efficacy and safety.

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