Diacordin Retard 90-120mg 30 tabs


Mild to moderate arterial hypertension and angina pectoris.

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Diacordin Retard Composition:
active ingredient: diltiazem; 1 tablet contains diltiazem hydrochloride 90mg or 120 mg;
excipients: lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, hypromellose, povidone.


Mild to moderate arterial hypertension and angina pectoris.

Dosage & Administration

Dose should be adjusted individually, depending on the respective patient. In elderly patients is necessary to consider the possibility of increasing the response to the drug. The drug should be taken with food or on an empty stomach. The tablet is swallowed whole, washed down with plenty of water.

Diacordin 60. Adults are usually given 60 mg (1 tablet) 3-4 times a day. The maximum daily dose for adults – 360 mg (6 tablets). Treatment of elderly patients and patients with impaired liver or kidney function, you can start with the administration of the drug at a dose of 60 mg 2 times a day, which is gradually increased in accordance with the therapeutic response.

Diacordin 90 retard. Adults usually administered 90 mg (1 tablet), 2 times a day. In case of insufficient effectiveness of the dose can be increased to 180 mg (2 tablets), 2 times a day. The maximum daily dose for adults – 360 mg (4 tablets).

Diacordin 120 retard. Adults usually administered 120 mg (1 tablet), 2 times a day. The maximum daily dose for adults – 360 mg (3 tablets).


Hypersensitivity to diltiazem or excipients, which are part of the drug;
cardiogenic shock, myocardial infarction amid or congestive heart failure;
severe hypotension (systolic blood pressure <90 mm Hg..);
decompensated heart failure;
acute myocardial infarction complicated course;
ventricular arrhythmias and / or beats;
AV-block II and III degree, without pacing;
atrial flutter or atrial fibrillation with Wolff – Parkinson – White syndrome, or Lown – Ganong – Levine no implanted pacemaker;
violation of conduction in the sinoatrial node (sinus node weakness syndrome);
bradycardia (heart rate <55 beats / min.);
concomitant use with dantrolene infusion because of the risk of ventricular fibrillation;
During pregnancy and breastfeeding;
Children up to age 15 years.

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