Dicloberl Retard Diclofenac 100mg 20 caps


Relief of pain and inflammation of varying degrees in various conditions.

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Dicloberl Retard Indications

Relieve pain and reduce inflammation varying degrees in different states, including:

· Pathology of joints, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis, acute attacks of gout

· Acute musculo-skeletal diseases such as periarthritis (eg humeroscapular periarthritis), tendonitis, tenosynovitis, bursitis

· Other pathological conditions caused by injuries, including fractures, back pain, sprains, dislocations, orthopedic, dental and other minor surgery

Dosage & Administration

The dose should be selected individually, starting with the lowest effective dose and should zastosovuvatyvprodovzh no time.

The recommended starting dose of diclofenac for adults is 75-150 mg (1 capsule DykloberlÒRetard 100 mg), depending on the severity of symptoms. During prolonged therapy usually is sufficient use 1 capsule DykloberlÒRetard100 mg per day. If symptoms are most pronounced during the night or morning DykloberlÒRetard should be used at night. The daily dose should not exceed 150 mg. The capsules should be swallowed whole without chewing, drink liquid, preferably during meals.

Children: Dicloberl Retard is not recommended for children.

Elderly patients: no clinically significant changes noted in the application pharmacokinetics DykloberlÒRetard elderly patients. But for the elderly NSAIDs should be used with caution, as they are more prone to adverse reactions. It is recommended to use the lowest effective dose of elderly patients or patients with low body weight, and in patients who require constant supervision to identify potential gastrointestinal bleeding during NSAID use.