Estrofem 2mg 28 tablets


Estrogen deficiency in menopause or after gynecological surgery, relief of menopausal symptoms

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Pharmacological action of the drug Estrofem:
ESTROFEM is an estrogenic agent. Compensates for the deficiency of endogenous estrogen. Regulates the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, water and electrolyte balance, reduces the level of LDL and cholesterol in the blood; stimulates the development of the uterus, maintains the normal structure of bone tissue, improves mood, increases libido.
Active substance: estradiol – 2mg

Estrogen deficiency in menopause or after gynecological surgery, relief of menopausal symptoms

Dosage and administration:
Estrofem is prescribed 2 mg (1 tablet) per day, daily, as a continuous course.

An increase or decrease in dose is indicated if after 3 months of use there is an insufficient response to satisfactorily relieve symptoms or if the drug is poorly tolerated.

For the prevention of osteoporosis, the drug is prescribed 2 mg (1 tablet) daily. Prevention of loss of bone mineral density is usually achieved with the appointment of 1-2 mg of estradiol daily, therefore, for long-term prevention of osteoporosis, higher doses are usually not used. Treatment of patients who have undergone a hysterectomy can be started on any day. With a saved menstrual cycle, the first tablet is taken from the 5th day of the menstrual cycle. Estrofem should be administered to women with an intact uterus only in combination with progestogens (during the last 10-12 days of each menstrual cycle). There is limited experience with the drug in women over 65 years of age. If you miss 1 tablet, you should not double the dose the next day.

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