Finalgon Ointment 20g


For local treatment of joint and muscle pain. 

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Finalgon Ointment 20g

Combination of two active ingredients for topical application nonivamida (vanililamid nonilovoy acid) and nikoboksila (butoksietilovy ester of nicotinic acid). Provides local vasodilator effect of warming, as well as distracting and analgesic effect.

Effects of the two components are mutually potentiated. Nonivamid is an analogue of capsaicin has analgesic effect when applied externally, which is caused by inhibition of substance P in peripheral nociceptive C-fibers and A-delta nerve fibers.

Nikoboksil derivative of nicotinic acid, has a vasodilating effect, realized indirectly via a prostaglandin mechanism. The effect is a few minutes after applying ointment and reaches a maximum within 20-30 min. Strengthening of local blood flow in the skin accompanied by improved blood flow in underlying tissues. Warming effect and improve blood flow have a positive effect on rheumatic joints, bruises, scoliosis and sports injuries.

Indications for Use
Arthritis, articular syndrome, rheumatism, myalgia (including those caused by muscle tension), sports injury, contusion and sprain, lumbago, neuritis, sciatica, bursitis, and tenosynovitis, peripheral circulatory disorders.