Glucophage 500-1000mg 60 tablets


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Glucophage Composition:
active ingredient: metformin hydrochloride;
1 film-coated tablet 500 mg contains 500 mg metformin hydrochloride, which corresponds to 390 mg metformin; excipients: povidone K 30, magnesium stearate; film coating for tablets of 500 mg: hypromellose.

Pharmacotherapeutic group:
Drugs affecting the digestive system and metabolism. Antidiabetic drugs. Oral hypoglycemic agents, excluding insulins. Biguanides. ATX code A10B A02.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus with ineffective diet therapy and exercise regimen, especially in overweight patients: as monotherapy or as part of combination therapy with other oral hypoglycemic agents or with insulin for the treatment of adults; as monotherapy or as part of combination therapy with insulin for the treatment of children aged 10 years and older and adolescents. To reduce the complications of diabetes mellitus in adult patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and overweight as a first-line drug in case of ineffective diet therapy.

Dosage and administration:
Adult patients with normal renal function (GFR ≥ 90 ml/min).
Monotherapy or combination therapy with other oral hypoglycemic agents. The usual starting dose is 500 mg or 850 mg (Glucophage, film-coated tablets, 500 mg or 850 mg) 2-3 times a day during or after meals. After 10-15 days, the dose must be adjusted according to the results of measurements of glucose levels in the blood serum. Slowly increasing the dose helps to reduce side effects from the digestive tract. When treating with high doses (2000-3000 mg per day), it is possible to replace every 2 tablets of Glucophage, 500 mg per 1 tablet of Glucophage, 1000 mg. The maximum recommended dose is 3000 mg per day in 3 divided doses. If you switch from another antidiabetic drug, you must stop taking this drug and start metformin, as indicated above.

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