Ketorolac injection solution 10 ampl 1ml 30mgml


Relief of moderate to severe postoperative pain for a short time. 

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active substance: ketorolac tromethamine; 1 ml of solution contains 30 mg of ketorolac tromethamine in terms of 100% dry matter;
excipients: sodium chloride, propylene glycol, Trilon B, chlorobutanol hemihydrate, tromethamine, water for injection.


Relief of moderate and severe postoperative pain for a short time.


Dosage and administration

After intramuscular analgesic effect is observed after about 30 minutes, and maximum pain relief occurs after 1-2 hours. In general, the average duration of analgesia is 4-6 hours.

The dose should be adjusted depending on the severity of pain and the patient’s response to treatment. Permanent intramuscular administration of multiple daily doses of ketorolac should not last more than 2 days, since long-term use increases the risk of adverse reactions.

The experience of long-term use is limited, since the vast majority of patients were on oral medication or after a period of intramuscular injection, patients no longer have need of pain treatment. Probability of side effects can be minimized by using the lowest effective dose for the shortest period of time necessary to control symptoms. The drug should not be administered epidural or intraspinalno.