Ketorolac solution 10 ampls 1ml 30mg/ml


Relief of moderate to severe postoperative pain for a short time. 

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Relief of moderate intensity and severe post-operative pain for a short time.


Parenteral ketorolac recommended in the hospital.

After analgesic effect was noted in approximately 30 minutes, the maximal analgesia occurs within 1-2 h. The overall mean duration of analgesia was 6.4 hours. The dose should be adjusted depending on the severity of pain and the patient’s response to treatment. Constant / m administration of multiple daily doses of ketorolac should not last for> 2 days, since long-term use increases the risk of adverse reactions.


The probability of occurrence of side effects can be minimized by using the minimum effective dose for a short period of time needed to control symptoms. Physicians should be aware that in some patients, pain relief occurs only after 30 minutes after administration.

Combined use of ketorolac tromethamine and orally in adults should not exceed 5 days.