Lactovit Forte 28 caps


Chronic colitis of various etiologies, including nonspecific ulcerative colitis..

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Lactovit Forte Indications

Chronic colic of different etiologies, including non-specific ulcerative colitis; in the case of somatic diseases complicated by dysbiosis, arising as a result of the use of antibiotics, sulfanilamide preparations and for other reasons; for treatment of patients with disorders of the intestine who have suffered acute intestinal infections caused by pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria; Also used in obstetric and gynecological practice with non-specific inflammatory diseases of the genitals and prenatal preparation of pregnant women at risk with a violation of the purity of the vaginal secretion to III-IV degree.


Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.

Erythraemia, erythrocytosis, thromboembolism, malignant neoplasms, malignant anemia, untreated deficiency of cobalomin; phenylketonuria; Leber’s disease (hereditary atrophy of the optic nerve).

Dosage & Administration

With colitis, dysbiosis, intestinal disorders, use the drug for adults and children 6 months of age 2 times a day 40 minutes before eating or just before feeding.