Magnesium sulfate 25g 3 sachets


Constipation. As an antidote for barium salt poisoning.  Free International Shipping

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Magnesium sulfate Indications

Intestinal obstruction. As an antidote when poisoned with barium salts.


Increased individual sensitivity, acute inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, intestinal obstruction, cholelithiasis, obstructive biliary tract, acute exacerbation conditions, arterial hypotension, conditions associated with calcium deficiency and oppression of the respiratory center, severe form of renal failure.

Dosage & Administration

internally (for the night or on an empty stomach 30 minutes prior to meal) 1 time per day:

for adults – 10-30 g per 1/2 cup water,

children 12 years and older – 10 g per 1/2 water glasses,

children aged 6-12 years should be appointed from 5 to 10 g

(that is, from half to an entire volume of solution prepared at a rate of 10 grams per 1/2 cup water).

In case of chronic constipation, use in enema – the contents of 1 package (10 g) should be dissolved in 500 ml of water and used in the amount prescribed by the doctor.

When poisoning with soluble salts of barium, the adult should be placed internally with 20-25 g of powder dissolved in 200 ml of water.

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