Nicergoline 10mg 30 tablets


Acute and chronic cerebrovascular metabolic disorders due to atherosclerosis, thrombosis and embolism of cerebral vessels, transient disorders of cerebral circulation (transient ischemic attacks). Headache. As adjunct therapy for hypertension.

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Nicergoline Indications

– Acute and chronic disorders of metabolism due to cerebrovascular atherosclerosis, thrombosis and cerebral vascular embolism, transient cerebral circulatory disorders (transient ischemic attack).
– Acute and chronic peripheral vascular metabolic disorders (organic and functional disorders of the arteries of the extremities, Raynaud’s disease and other syndromes associated with impaired circulation).
– Headache.
– As an additional therapy for hypertension.



Hypersensitivity to the active substance, ergot alkaloids or to any component of the drug. Recent myocardial infarction, acute bleeding, orthostatic hypotension, severe bradycardia, angina load, expressed atherosclerosis.


Dosage & Administration

The recommended dose – 5-10 mg 3 times a day with the same intervals, preferably between meals, for a long time.

The dosage and duration of drug treatment depends on the clinical situation. In some cases it is advisable to start treatment with parenteral drug administration with subsequent continuation of treatment at a maintenance oral therapy.

Elderly patients. Correction dosage of conduct is required.