Pancreazim Multienzymes 20 tabs


Diseases accompanied by impaired digestion of food due to insufficient secretion of digestive enzymes by the pancreas, such as chronic pancreatitis. 

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Pancreazim Indications

Disease is accompanied by disruption of digestion due to insufficient allocation of digestive enzymes of the pancreas such as chronic pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis.

Condition simultaneous resection of the stomach and small intestine, functional accelerate the passage of food through the intestines, intestinal disorders, simultaneous use oily and unusual food.

Flatulence and preparation for X-ray or ultrasound diagnostic studies.


Hypersensitivity to the drug.

Acute pancreatitis, exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis.

Dosage & Administration

The dose depends on the deficiency of pancreatic enzymes into the duodenum and installed individually.

If no other recommendations as well as in cases of consumption of plant foods, oily foods or unusual take 1-2 tablets.