Progestogel gel Progesterone 1%, 80g


Essential mastodynia; mastodynia associated with benign breast disease. Free International Shipping

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Progestogel Indications

Mammalgia, benign breast disease on a background of progesterone deficiency.

Dosage & Administration

The route of administration of the drug – transdermal. plastic spatula dispenser to be used for calculating the daily dose. Click on the tube on the line of a spatula, and the dose is 1, the column of gel (diameter of a pencil), the length of which coincides with the groove on the bar.

One tube of a capacity of 30 doses; single dose applicator (containing 2.5 g of progesterone 0.025 g) is applied to the surface of the skin 1 of each breast every day from the day independently of the menstrual cycle.
The gel was left in place until full application of suction.


Hypersensitivity to any component of the formulation.