Pyrantel 250mg 30 tablets


Enterobiosis, ascariasis, hookworm.

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Pyrantel Composition:
active ingredient: pyrantel pamoate (pyrantel pamoate)
1 tablet contains pyrantel pamoate in terms of pyrantel 250 mg excipients: corn starch, croscarmellose sodium, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, colloidal silicon dioxide.

Pharmacotherapeutic group:
Antiparasitics, insecticides and repellents. Anthelmintics. ATX code R02C C01.

Enterobiosis, ascariasis, hookworm.

Dosage and administration:
The drug can be taken at any time, there is no need to take the drug on an empty stomach and the previous use of laxatives.

Enterobiasis and ascariasis
In the treatment of enterobiasis and ascariasis, the usual dosage is from 10 mg / kg to 12 mg / kg once. Children over 6 years of age: 1 tablet per 20 kg of body weight once. Adults weighing less than 75 kg: 3 tablets once. Adults weighing over 75 kg: 4 tablets once. In the case of enterobiasis, in order to completely get rid of parasites, it is necessary to observe severe hygiene measures and treat all family members at the same time. To avoid re-infection, it is recommended to take a second dose 3 weeks after the first dose.

In endemic areas, in case of Necator americanus infection or massive Ancylostoma duodenale infestation, the dosage is 20 mg / kg per day (in 1 or 2 divided doses) for 2-3 days. Children over 6 years: 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight per day. Adults weighing less than 75 kg: 6 tablets per day. Adults weighing over 75 kg: 8 tablets per day. In case of moderate infection with Ancylostoma duodenale (which usually occurs in non-endemic areas), a single dose of 10 mg/kg may be sufficient.

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