Sodium picosulfate drops 25 ml


Constipation or cases requiring relief of bowel movements. Like other laxatives, should not be used daily or for a long period without identifying the cause of the constipation.  Free International Shipping  

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Sodium picosulfate Indications

Constipation or cases requiring relief for bowel movement.


– Increased sensitivity to active substances, other triarylmethane or to any of the auxiliary substances of the preparation;

– Intestinal obstruction, bowel obstruction, abdominal pain of unknown origin, acute surgical diseases of the abdominal cavity (including, for example, acute appendicitis, nonspecific ulcerative colitis), acute inflammatory bowel disease;

Dosage & Administration

Adults and children aged 12 years and over – 10-20 drops.

1 time per day per night in order to empty the intestines the next morning.

The lowest effective dose of the drug necessary to restore normal bowel function should be taken.

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