SORBEX DUO 270mg 20 caps


In case of poisoning with household and industrial poisonous substances; low-quality food products; with chronic intoxication, including alcohol; when living in unfavorable environmental conditions; with a tendency to allergic reactions.  Free International Shipping

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SORBEX DUO Indications

– as a dietary supplement for diets for food poisoning (including alcohol); poisoning with salts of heavy metals, pesticides, pesticides; when living in adverse environmental conditions and exposure to harmful physical factors;

– for detoxification of the body and optimization of liver and kidney functions;

– infectious diseases;

– propensity to allergic reactions.


Individual intolerance to any of the components of the drug.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Dosage & Administration

Adults – 2-3 capsules 2-3 times a day before or 1-1.5 hours after meals.
Children aged ≥7 years – 1 capsule 2-3 times a day before or 1-1.5 hours after meals.
Duration of use – 3-15 days.

If necessary, the course can be repeated.