Spasmalgon injection solution 5ml/5 amp


For short-term symptomatic treatment of pain syndrome with spasms of smooth muscles of internal organs.

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Spasmalgon Indications

For short-term symptomatic treatment of pain with cramps smooth muscles of internal organs:
· Intestinal colic and stomach;
· Renal colic with nephrolithiasis;
· Spastic dyskinesia biliary tract;
· Dysmenorrhea.


Severe disruption of the liver and kidneys.

Acute hepatic porphyria.

Deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase.

Obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract and megacolon.

Dosage & Administration

Adults and children over 15 years (weighing more than 53 kg) intramuscularly – 2 to 5 ml solution for injection.

If necessary, repeat the dose after 6-8 hours.

The maximum daily dose should not exceed 6 ml solution for injection (equivalent to 3 g of sodium metamizol).

Duration of treatment – 2-3 days.