Ursofalk 250mg 10 caps


For dissolving X-ray-negative cholesterol gallstones no more than 15 mm in diameter in patients with a functioning gallbladder, despite the presence of gallstone (s) in it. For the treatment of biliary reflux gastritis. For symptomatic treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) in the absence of decompensated liver cirrhosis. For the treatment of hepatobiliary disorders in cystic fibrosis in children aged 6 to 18 years.  Free International Shipping

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ЗUrsofalk Composition:
active substance: ursodeoxycholic acid; 1 capsule contains 250 mg of ursodeoxycholic acid; auxiliary substances: corn starch, colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide (E 171), gelatin, purified water, sodium lauryl sulfate.


lysis-cholesterol calculi in the gall-bladder (not more than 15 mm in diameter, rentgennegativnyh provided functioning gall bladder); gastritis caused by bile reflux; symptomatic treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis phase compensation.


hypersensitivity to any component of the Ursofalk drug;
acute inflammation of the gallbladder or biliary tract;
obstruction of the biliary tract (common bile duct or duct bladder);

Dosage & Administration

The daily dose is adjusted depending on the indication.
For lysis of cholesterol stones in the gallbladder

The dose corresponding to about 10 mg / kg of body weight, body weight is at:

<60 kg –        2 capsules;
  61-80 kg –   3 capsules;
  81-100 kg – 4 capsules;
>101 kg –      5 capsules.

The capsules should be taken with liquid, in the evening, before going to bed, with a small amount of liquid. The drug should be carried out regularly. The required duration of application can make 6-24 months. Unless noted, continuation of therapy is inappropriate, after 12 months of application of the size reduction of the drug stones. The effectiveness of treatment is monitored by ultrasound or X-ray every 6 months. With the development of calcification of stones treatment ceased.

For the treatment of reflux gastritis
1 capsule of Ursofalk 250 mg 1 time per day with an amount of liquid in the evening before bedtime.
Assign, usually within 10-14 days. The decision on the duration of the drug taken individually.

For the symptomatic treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis
The daily dose depends on the body weight and is 3-7 capsules (about 14 ± 2 mg of ursodeoxycholic acid per 1 kg of body weight).

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