Vasopro Meldonium 500mg 60 caps


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Vasopro Meldonium Composition:
active substance: meldonium; 1 capsule contains methonate (meldonium) in terms of 100% substance 250 mg or 500 mg; Excipients: potato starch, colloidal anhydrous silica, calcium stearate; the composition of the capsule shell: gelatin, titanium dioxide (E 171), azorubin, carmoisine (E 122).


– In the complex treatment of coronary heart disease (angina, myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure) and disgormonal cardiomyopathy;

– acute and chronic circulatory disorders of the brain (brain stroke and chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency);

– hemophthalmus and hemorrhages in the retina of different etiology, thrombosis, central retinal vein and its branches, retinopathy of different etiology (diabetic, hypertension);

– reduced performance, physical overload;

– withdrawal syndrome in chronic alcoholism (in combination with specific alcoholism therapy).



Hypersensitivity to the drug. Increased intracranial pressure (in violation of venous drainage, intracranial tumors).

Organic central nervous system (CNS).

Children age.

Pregnancy and lactation.


Dosage & Administration

The drug is administered intravenously and parabulbarno adults in these doses.

Cardiovascular disease.

In the complex treatment – 0.5-1 g per day (5.10 ml) all at once or divided dose of 2 input. The course of treatment – 4-6 weeks.

Cerebrovascular accident.

Acute phase – 0.5 g (5 ml) 1 intravenously once daily for 10 days, later switching to oral. The total course of treatment – 4-6 weeks.

Chronic abuse – used oral dosage form.

Repeated courses (usually 2-3 times a year) are possible after consultation with the doctor.

Vascular pathology and degenerative diseases of the retina.

Enter parabulbarno 0.5 ml solution for injection for 10 days.

Mental and physical overload.

0.5 g (5 ml) intravenously 1 per day. The course of treatment – 10-14 days. If necessary, repeat the treatment after 2-3 weeks.

Chronic alcoholism.

Intravenously 0.5 g 2 times a day. The course of treatment – 7-10 days.

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