Voltaren emulgel 1% 20g


Local treatment of pain and inflammation of joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons of rheumatic or traumatic origin.  Free International Shipping

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Symptomatic treatment of pain, inflammation and edema at:

Soft tissue injury: injuries of tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints (eg due to sprains, strains, bruises); sports injuries;
localized forms of rheumatic diseases of soft tissues: tendonitis (including the “tennis elbow”), bursitis, shoulder syndrome periartropatiya; localized forms of degenerative rheumatic (osteoarthritis of peripheral joints and spinal joints).



Adults and children over the age of 12 years Voltaren Emulgel is used 3-4 times a day, gently rubbing into the skin. The amount of drug depends on the size of the painful area, such as 2-4 g Voltaren Emulgel (which by volume is comparable to the size of a cherry or walnut) enough to be applied to the area an area of ​​400-800 cm2.

The duration of treatment depends on the performance and effectiveness of therapy. Indications for continued therapy is recommended to review every 2 weeks.



Hypersensitivity to diclofenac or other ingredients of the formulation; if the patient has a history of asthma attacks, or acute urticaria, rhinitis caused taking aspirin or other NSAIDs; III trimester of pregnancy.