Xefocam Lornoxicam lyophilisate 8mg 5 vilas


Short-term symptomatic treatment of acute pain of mild to moderate in adults.  Free International Shipping

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XEFOCAM Indications

Treatment of moderate to severe pain syndrome significantly. Xefocam in tablet form is also used for the symptomatic treatment of pain and inflammation in inflammatory and degenerative rheumatic diseases.


The recommended dose – 8 mg. The daily dose should not exceed 16 mg. With insufficient analgesic effect of 8 mg dose can enter the same dose in the first 24 hours. Pp for injections made immediately prior to use, the contents of one vial (lyophilisate 8 mg) was dissolved with water for injection (2 ml) or 0.9% p sodium chloride solution, 5% p-rum glucose.

Duration should be less than 15 seconds / m – not less than 5 seconds. Fulfill with a long needle injection.
The daily dose and duration of treatment is determined individually, depending on the nature and course of the disease.
The maximum daily dose should not exceed 16 mg / day.