Zanidip 10mg 28 tablets


Essential hypertension is mild or moderate severity.

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Zanidip Composition:
active ingredient: 1 tablet contains 10 mg lercanidipine hydrochloride (equivalent to 9.4 mg lercanidipine)
excipients: lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium starch (type A), povidone K30, magnesium stearate shell for a tablet with a dosage of 10 mg Opadry OY-SR-6497 (hypromellose, talc, titanium dioxide (E 171), macrogol 6000, iron oxide yellow (E172)).


Essential hypertension is mild or moderate severity.


– Hypersensitivity to lercanidipine or to any dihydropyridine or any component of the drug;
– Women of childbearing age if they wish to become pregnant and are not using effective contraception;
– Obstruction of blood vessels, leaving the left ventricle;
– Untreated congestive heart failure;
– Unstable angina;
– Severe liver and kidney dysfunction (creatinine clearance <30 mL / min);
– After myocardial infarction within 1 month;
– Concomitant use of CYP 3A4 inhibitors, cyclosporine, grapefruit juice.

Dosage & Administration

Adults. Use internally. The recommended dose is 10 mg 1 time a day, preferably in the morning, at least 15 minutes before eating. Depending on the patient’s individual sensitivity the dose may be increased to 20 mg.
Selection dose should be gradual, since the maximum antihypertensive effect develops after 2 weeks of treatment.
According to the study dependence “dose-effect” it is unlikely that with increasing doses above 20 mg per day increase the effectiveness of drug at the same time increase the risk of side effects increases.
You may be asked to add Zanidypu regimen with b-blockers or diuretics (hydrochlorothiazide) or an ACE inhibitor (captopril or enalapril) in patients whose pressure is not adequately controlled with monotherapy with these drugs.

Use of the drug is not recommended for children due to the lack of clinical experience.

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